Saturday, February 26, 2011

Geeks Galore

I'm currently reading Geektastic, a collection of short stories about geek-like things. So far, I'm really enjoying it, though I've only read about two stories, both of which were about Star Wars. I liked the stories, but as a fellow geek, I felt I couldn't really relate to them because, I'll admit it, I've only ever seen one Star Wars movie all the way through. I'm hoping to find at least one story about Harry Potter, though I doubt I will. Harry Potter is definitely more my thing. Anyway...I've only gotten through two of the stories because I haven't really had that much time for reading, since mid-terms are coming up. But hopefully during Spring Break, I can get caught up on some of the reading I've been wanting to do. And maybe finish this book.


  1. Hopefully there will be one about chemistry?

  2. Perhaps there will be...I shall let you know if there is