Monday, March 14, 2011

Dragons: An Interesting Twist

I am currently reading Starlight by Bryan Davis. First, a little background. It's a book where dragons and magic are real (my favorite kind of book). Here's the summary from booklist (it was easier than writing my own, since I haven't finished the book yet):

"Jason is an excellent swordsman who grew up pretending to slay dragons with his older brother. There have long been rumors of dragons stealing people to another realm and enslaving them, but Jason did not believe the myths. Now, both his brothers are missing, and it turns out that dragons really exist. Jason journeys to find the portal to this mysterious realm in order to rescue his brothers and free the slaves. Meanwhile, a slave girl named Koren has long thought that the myths about a planet where humans are free was a myth. She dreams of freedom but because she is a Starlighter, a powerful visionary, the dragons will never set her free. Told in alternating chapters, Koren's and Jason's stories merge as both use their gifts to battle the dragons and liberate the captives. Both are strong characters who readers will root for from the very beginning."

So far, I'm quite enjoying the book. I like how right away, it starts out with action. Jason is in a sword fighting tournament, making it exciting for readers. Bryan Davis dives right into the action, and it hasn't let up yet. It's really exciting, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Where did I find this book, you may ask. I was browsing amazon for free books for my kindle (yes, I have a kindle. More on that in a minute) and this one stood out to me. So I decided to download it and haven't regretted this decision. Now, as for the kindle. I know most avid book readers reject them, because, well, everyone loves reading the actual book and turning the actual pages. I'm not saying that the kindle is better than reading an actual book, because, in my mind, that will never be true. I love books and will continue to love them until the day that I die. However the kindle is nice in the aspect that you can carry so many books around with you at once. I love this! This means that I can have a book with me wherever I go, without having to carry one around or worrying that I'll finish it and be stuck without something to read. With the kindle, I'll never be stuck without something to read. And that is fantastic :)

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