Monday, May 23, 2011

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

I have finished The Chaos by Rachel Ward, which is a very quick read. Everything happens so quickly in the book that you just want to keep reading until you're completely finished. Of course, there's going to be another book, so it ended in kind of a cliff hanger. Not too bad of one though...I think you could get by without knowing what's going to happen next, you just wouldn't get much explanation of what happened at the end of the book. Which I can't live without, but some people might be able to. The majority of the conflicts that were brought up in The Chaos were resolved, so you're not left with many unanswered questions. There's pretty much just one...which I can't share with you without giving away the ending, so I guess you'll just have to read it yourself to find out what it is :)

So summary....this is kind of hard to do without completely giving away Numbers, the first book in the series. I suppose I'll just give you a summary of that book. Numbers is about a girl who, when she looks into the eyes of someone, she sees the date of their death. Now, you may be thinking that that sounds like a book that would be exciting and action packed. And it is.....kind of. I was kind of disappointed after I read it because the summary on the back of the book promised this huge even that was going to happen, one that was going to put many lives in danger. And yes, there was an event like this, but the novel wasn't really based on this. In fact, after the beginning, Jem's (the main character) powers didn't seem to play much of a part. It was more of the relationship between her and Spider, and their adventures. I kinda wish Jem's powers would have played more of a part, because it is such an interesting concept. But I guess I can't change what the author wrote.

That was one thing that I liked about The Chaos. Adam's powers (the same as Jem's) play a much bigger part than Jem's. And while there is still a romance in the novel, and it's kind of important, it doesn't take over Adam's powers. Which I enjoyed. I also think that The Chaos was more action packed than Numbers. And the big event that happened in this one was much bigger than the one that happened in the last one. Hopefully, that bodes well for the next, and last, novel. Whatever happens in that one will be even bigger than the last two.

What am I reading next? Plague by Michael Grant, the fourth book in the Gone series. Fantastic series. If you would like to get caught up in the series, the first three books are Gone, Hunger, and  Lies. All great reads, but a little disturbing. The series is about a society where everyone over, I think it's 14, has disappeared and all the kids are left to fend for themselves. Chaos ensues, and horrible things keep happening to the kids. Just a warning, once you start the series, you won't want to stop until you know what really happened to all the adults.

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