Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old books and fast reading

Yeah, I've finished another book already. Once I have a lot of free time, I can devour books pretty quickly. And it being summer and all well...I have quite a bit of free time. So be prepared to learn about a lot more books :) Anyway, I just finished The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan, which is the sequel to The Red Pyramid. Shorter than the first one, but it still packs just as much action. It seems like just after Sadie and Carter finish something, something else goes wrong. They never can catch a break. I feel a little sorry for them, they are just kids after all. Why do they have to do all the saving of the world? I'd say that it isn't really fair. But I suppose someone has to do it, and supposedly they're the most powerful magicians to be born in a while. (I don't think that's really giving anything away, since obviously they have to be important or the whole series wouldn't be about them). All in all, I liked this book and can't wait to read the next one.

On to the old books thing. In case you couldn't tell, I'm kind of a book nerd. My weakness is books. You should see the bookshelf in my room. Overflowing. We counted one time, and we have like 600 some books. And that was last year. Who knows how many we have now. So, I work at a thrift store called Shelby's Place, which is run by the Humane Society and all of our proceeds go to them. It's a pretty cool place to work, since we have cats running around the store. But in the store we have a book section, and let me tell you, we get some interesting books in. I'm the one that usually takes care of all the books we get in, so I get to see first hand the books that we get in. We get some really, really old books in, which I think is really cool. The other day, after my shift, I was looking through the books and found two that I wanted to buy. One was called Rhetoric and Composition and was published in 1908 or 1909, I can't remember which one. But that's really cool! I think it will be interesting to read it and see what they thought about that in that time period, and how much it has changed since then. I also bought a book called The Anthology of Children's Literature which is a collection of children's tales and myths. I think it was published in 1954 or something, also very cool. And then today, when I was putting more books away, I came across a book that was published in 1897. I forget what it was called....but I thought it was so cool! A book published in 1897! It really pegs me as a book nerd, but I thought it was awesome. I now own a book that was published in 1897. How many people can say that? Not many. I can't believe someone wanted to get rid of it. I guess this just shows that one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Now, I will end with what I am going to start reading next. The next book on my list is The Chaos by Rachel Ward, which is the sequel to Numbers. It looks pretty good, so I'm pretty excited. :)

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