Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Egyptian Mythology

My latest read was The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. You might recognize the author, he is the same author that wrote the Percy Jackson . Another fantastic series that I would highly recommend. Anyway, back to The Red Pyramid. This book is similar to Percy Jackson, but different. I know, that's confusing. But let me explain. For those of you that don't know, Percy Jackson is about a kid who finds out one of his parents is a Greek God, and the chaos that ensues after this. Percy Jackson is a fairly important piece in the final battle of the gods, etc. etc. Side Note: I discovered this series because of a free book that I received from the library for the summer reading program. So I started reading it before it became really popular. I keep getting off topic. The Red Pyramid is similar in the two main characters, Sadie and Carter, play an important part in the battle of the gods as well. But it's different because they aren't necessarily the children of the gods, they just have the gods' magic. Oh, and it's Egyptian mythology and not Greek mythology. Pretty interesting stuff.

I'd have to say while I enjoyed The Red Pyramid quite a bit, learning about a culture that I didn't know very much about, I still enjoyed Percy Jackson better. I think this is because I know quite a bit about Greek mythology (I took a class about it in high school). Rick Riordan has another series going as well (Heroes of Olympus), but it only has the first book out, which I read awhile ago. Another great read, by the way. This series connects Greek and Roman mythology, and I think I also like this one better than The Red Pyramid. Again, because I know more about the Greeks and the Romans than I do about the Egyptians. Not that I didn't like learning Egyptian mythology, it was quite interesting. I found it a little harder for me to follow all the names of the gods and such, because they were so new to me. But hopefully as the series goes on, I will pick up more and more, and it will maybe grow on me.

For some reason, this book reminded me a little bit of Eragon. In Eragon, when he uses magic, he drains him of energy. The same thing happens in The Red Pyramid. When they use their magic, they are drained of energy, and if they use too much, they could literally burn up. Also, in Eragon, Eragon is trying to defeat the evil lord that has taken over the country. In The Red Pyramid, Sadie and Carter are trying to defeat the evil god of chaos before he takes over the world. There were a few more similarities that I found when I was reading, but I can't remember what they were. (Eragon is another book that I would recommend. I am just full of recommendations today).

I've decided, at the end of each post, I'm going to start saying what I am going to read next, that way, if you're interested, you could read it too. I think next, I am going to read The Throne of Fire, the sequel to The Red Pyramid. Hopefully, it's as good as the first!

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