Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Take Seven

Let's just start with saying that the movie last night was absolutely amazing! Yes, it has its flaws, but I still loved it and thought it was the perfect way to end the series. I did finish all seven books before the movie (woohoo!) and I'd have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself because I was kind of pressed for time. But I did it and it feels fantastic :)

So Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is by far my favorite book. When I read it for the first time, I just couldn't put it down (granted, that basically happened with all the books. But this one was...different somehow. Maybe cause I knew it was ending, I don't know. I just love it). Everything comes together in this one, and I just love the way JK Rowling did it. I hate to be a broken record, but she really is a fantastic, amazing, awesome writer. And she wrote a series that people will remember for generations to come.

Yes, the book is amazing, but how did the movie compare? Well this one was split into two parts (which I assume most people know) and this allowed all the producers of the movie to follow the book much more closely. Granted, there were still things left out. But not nearly as many things as in other movies (cough, cough Order of the Phoenix cough, cough). I would have to say the thing that disappointed me the most was the fact that Ginny and Harry never get a satisfactory kiss. Ron and Hermione's kiss was absolutely amazing, but Ginny and Harry basically just have a peck. What the heck? I thought that Harry and Ginny could redeem themselves in this one, but I guess not. We'll just have to live with it. Oh well. Other than that, I thought they pretty much nailed the movie. There were a few other things, like the fact that Lupin and Tonks' kid was only mentioned once, and Harry didn't mend his wand in the end. But those are minor things. Thank you Warner Brothers for making a fantastic ending to a fantastic series.

It's weird to think that there will be no more Harry Potter movies or books. The books we've known for a while...but now the movies are done. The chapter on Harry Potter has closed. It's a little sad because that's what I've grown up with, along with millions of other people. But thanks to the millions of fans, the theme park, and JK Rowling's new website Pottermore, Harry Potter will live on for years and years to come. I know that my kids will read it. Someday we'll look back on the memories we made with Harry Potter with fondness. It's not everyday that you get to be a part of something so big.

So what will I be reading next? Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. He also wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret which is being made into a movie. They are some pretty amazing books, but I'll let you see that for yourself in my next post :)

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