Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have been waiting since 2009 to figure out why all of the adults in the Gone series disappeared, and I was hoping that in Fear I would get some sort of idea, being that it is the second to last book in the series. Alas, I was disappointed. I still have no idea how this whole thing fits together, and at the end of Fear, I felt like I was left more confused than ever. I just want to know why all of the adults are gone!! I really don't think that's too much to ask from Micheal Grant. I was kind of shocked when I learned the series was going to be 6 books, but I'm going to say he definitely made each and everyone just as suspenseful as the last, with more and more creepy and disturbing stuff I wasn't expecting. I think Micheal Grant is becoming an expert as creepy and disturbing.

Fear picked up 4 months after the end of Plague. A sort of peace has come to the FAYZ (the dome that all of these kids are stuck in), but Sam and the gang are just waiting for something to happen. They know that the Darkness, or the Gaiaphage, the evil force in the FAYZ, doesn't allow peace to happen for long. And, of course, it doesn't. The kids soon start to notice a stain that's creeping up the barrier, a black stain that will plunge their entire world into darkness. And when the whole world is in darkness, how are they supposed to survive? Fear is a fitting title, as fear is what drives everyone crazy as the lights start to go out.

Talk about a suspenseful novel! Not only do the chapters countdown to something (like they do in every book in the series) but as the wall is slowly getting darker and darker, you can definitely see the panic that sets in in the children. I think Grant does an excellent job of portraying the reactions of kids, especially the younger ones, to the disturbing, creepy, slightly disgusting things that happen in the FAYZ. However, at times, I forget that Sam, Astrid, Cain, and all of the leaders in the FAYZ are just young teenagers. None of them are much older than 15, though at times they definitely have to act a lot older than they really are. And while most of the things they do make sense, I feel like some of their actions don't really fit for the age that they are. I think that's Grant's only downfall in this series. Otherwise, I think he's written a great series, one that never keeps you bored. There's always something happening int he FAYZ, and it's never something good.

Clash of Kings is up next on my list to read, and it's excellent so far. Until next time, happy reading! :) 

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