Monday, September 26, 2016

Character Playlist: Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood edit

By request, I bring you a playlist dedicated to the character you can't help but love, Luna Lovegood. Perhaps a little spacey, with some theories and beliefs that are a little out there, but you know that once you're a friend of Luna's, you have a friend for life.

"Shake It Out" by Florence + the Machine
Luna is the type of person that doesn't allow the demons to drag her down, she is a beam of positivity for her friends.

"Cha-Ching" by Imagine Dragons
An ode to living your life in the moment and pursing your passions, this song fits Luna to a T.

"Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding
I'd like to think that this is Luna's own personal motto.

"Eet" by Regina Spektor
Despite her shining personality, Luna does have to overcome a lot of trials in her life, from witnessing the death of her mother to being captured and tortured by the death eaters. I imagine there were moments where it was difficult for her to put herself back together again.

"Breathe" by Alexi Murdoch
Along similar lines, after the war is over, being the beam of light that she is, Luna probably often had to remind her friends and herself to just breathe.

"Matilda" by Alt-J
While Luna has proven that she can make it on her own, when she meets Harry and every one else, she has finally found a home.

"Someone New" by Hozier
Luna has such an open and accepting personality, I imagine that she is often falling in love with new people every day.

"Lost Stars" Keira Knightley
At times, Luna seems to be a little lost in her own thoughts, much like a lost star.

"Flowers in Your Hair" by The Lumineers
Light and upbeat, Luna might often dance to this with flowers in her own hair.

"Rivers and Roads" by the Head and the Heart
When Luna and her friends all go their separate ways, the rivers and roads will always connect them to each other.

More upbeat than previous playlists, I think this one fits Luna well. Are there any songs you would add?

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