Monday, September 19, 2016

Character Playlist: Peeta Mellark

Peeta Mellark edit

Eventually, I'll start writing playlists for characters in the books that I'm currently reading, but these are characters that I love, and I really enjoy making playlists for them! Peeta is one of the kindest, good-hearted characters in The Hunger Games series, which all gets taken from him when he is tortured by the Capitol. By the end of the trilogy, him and Katniss need each other in order to make a life after the war, and they deserve every bit of happiness that they get. Here's to you, Peeta, who Katniss may not have survived without.

In an interview (which can be found here), it was said that this song is a metaphor for going through a tough time in life, which is marked at the beginning of the series for Peeta, when his name is drawn for the reaping.

When on their way to the second Games, Peeta tells Katniss that his favorite color is the color orange at sunset. 

I imagine that once the war was over, Peeta often had times where he doubted himself, that he believed he was a burden to Katniss and everyone else.

This song speaks to Peeta early in the series, when Katniss hasn't yet realized that she loves him.

In the first Games, Peeta seeks shelter from Katniss, and that's what saves him in the Games.

"Darling, how I loved you from the start / but that's no excuse for the state I'm in." Certainly true for Peeta when it comes to Katniss; he loves her, but the Capitol changes him into a weapon to destroy her.

Peeta often skirts the fine line between life and death, going through two different Hunger Games and being captured by the Capitol.

"Come on, we gotta get out, get out of this mess we made / and still for all our talk, we're both so afraid." Perhaps more of a Katniss and Peeta song, but it fits so well for the situation.

The Capitol and the Games completely change Peeta, but he is able to work through the torture and pain to eventually bring the old Peeta back.

Peeta is able to hold on to what makes him so good in the end, allowing him and Katniss to eventually live the life that they deserve.

There it is! They're mostly sad songs, but y'know, Peeta's story isn't exactly happy. Enjoy!

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