Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review: Blankets

Blankets cover
"How satisfying it is to leave a mark on a blank surface. To make a map of my movement--no matter how temporary." -Craig Thompson, Blankets

If you're looking for a book that contains beautiful artwork and an even more beautiful story, you will find it in Craig Thompson's Blankets. Every little detail of this book creates a story about first love that is sure to continue to linger in your mind after you read it. Blankets deserves all of the awards it won back when it was first published.

Blankets follows the story of a first love and a sibling rivalry, placed among the backdrop of a blistery Wisconsin winter and fueled by a young boy's questions of faith. A coming-of-age story that's sure to strike a chord with many of its readers.

First of all, the artwork in this novel is just stunning. Thompson creates the landscape of Midwestern winters so artfully, and intermixes it with designs and symbols that help to create an almost magical feel. I mean, just take a look for yourself:

The artwork creates a setting that engulfs you in the story, that almost makes you feel like you're there with the characters.

The combination of the art and the writing here create a truly artistic experience for the reader. For example:

These types of quotes are interspersed throughout the book, focusing on growing up, first love, family loyalty, etc. They make the story relatable, they engross you in the story. I just can't say enough good things about this book. If you haven't read it yet, go and read it. Immediately.

5/5 stars

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