Monday, January 16, 2017

Character Playlist: August Flynn

This Savage Song Edit

In conjunction with the book I just finished (This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab), I'll make a playlist for August Flynn, the monster who wishes he wasn't a monster. I'll review the book itself in a couple of days, but since music is so much at the core of this novel, a playlist seemed fitting!

August Flynn is a Sunai, which is a monster who, when he plays music, consumes the soul of a human being. This Savage Song is filled with all sorts of creepy monsters--and I'll do my best to do them justice!

"The Red Violin" from The Red Violin Soundtrack
August's preferred instrument is the violin, sneaking away to play it whenever possible. Trying his best not to harm anyone in the process.

"Religion" by Lana Del Rey
Many consequences of the monsters stemmed from violent religious acts in the community of Verity. Plus, Lana Del Rey's eerie tone matches the gloomy mindset of those that live in Verity.

"Demons" by Imagine Dragons
This is how August views himself, a demon, taking life from humanity.

"Seven Devils" by Florence + the Machine
Where August lives, monsters (or devils) are everywhere, surrounding everyone.

"Trade Mistakes" by Panic! At the Disco
"I feel marooned in this body." This lyric especially fits how August feels about being a monster.

"Ready to Lose" by Ingrid Michelson
August forms a unique relationship with Katherine Harker, a hint at romantic attraction, but never coming outright and saying it.

"Hunger" by Of Monsters and Men
Desperate to not give into his hunger, August goes as long he can without consuming someone's soul. But too long and he can face dangerous consequences.

"In The Woods Somewhere" by Hozier
This song fits August's desire to save humanity, but sometimes he doesn't quite have the courage.

"Crystallize" by Lindsay Stirling 
Another violin feature, paying tribute to the more contemporary nature of August's violin playing.

"I'm So Sorry" by Imagine Dragons
This is how I imagine August feels every time he is forced to feed in order to keep away the darkness. Guilty and apologetic, always wishing he was human and not monster.

Keep a look out for my review, coming later this week!

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