Monday, May 8, 2017

Character Playlist: Park

Park edit

Music is integral to the plot of Eleanor and Park, as without it, Eleanor and Park would have never met. A few months ago, I made a playlist for Eleanor; I though it was high time that I made one for Park as well! Without further ado, a playlist inspired by Park, one that I think would suit his musical tastes.

According to Rainbow Rowell, this is the song Park is listening to when we're first introduced to him. As he says, "XTC was no good for drowning out the morons at the back of the bus."

To me, this song is fitting for tragic love affairs, and it works for Park and Eleanor on so many levels. Plus, it is a beautiful song. 

I image Park thought this at some point when he first sees Eleanor, and he uses music and comics to try to connect to her. And it works magnificently.

Rowell said that she played this countless times when writing the scene when Park decides to help Eleanor escape. And it couldn't be more fitting.

I don't know if I can explain why this fits Park for me, but it just does. And he definitely would listen to Bon Iver. Definitely.

Park falls for Eleanor pretty quickly, and this song describes this feeling perfectly.

Once Park's mind is made up about Eleanor, he knows that he'll do anything in order to help her.

Park found love where he wasn't looking, using Eleanor as a point to focus his life.

When Park and Eleanor are finally together, they have found something good. Plus, Alt-J is just the type of quirky music that Park would like.

This song is on Eleanor's list too, but it is too important to their relationship to not include it here as well. Park put it on a tape for her, and they discuss it at length.

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