Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Review: Wingless

"My teacher told me
I was mythology, said I needed a doctor."
-Zachary Riddle, Wingless

Wingless is Zach's second chapbook of poetry, building on the world of mythology that he's created. As a collection, the poems work together in creating a chilling, haunting atmosphere that lingers long after you read it. Zach doesn't shy away from dealing with difficult issues, like grief after a significant loss in life.

The poems presented here are lyrical and full of vivid images that transport the reader into a completely surreal world. One of the poems that best represent this is the titular poem, "Wingless," which begins with a startling image: "Wings burst from my back when I was ten years old." It's images like these that pull the reader into this mythological world, and also keep the reader thinking long after the book is finished. The images contribute to the horror-themes seen throughout the book, emphasizing the nightmarish quality of grief.

Raw and unforgettable, Wingless is an emotional journey filled with vulnerability that is sure to haunt your dreams.

5/5 stars

Wingless is currently available for preorder from Finishing Line Press, and you can get Zach's other chapbook (written with Riley Nisbet and illustrated by me!) here.

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